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Made in Singapore


Waste is usually associated with bad smells and environmental pollution dangerous to human health. It is a problem for everybody. But what if there was a way of making money out of waste?

After investing years and millions in research and development, a Singaporean company, Biomax Technologies Pte Ltd, has invented and successfully commercialised the Rapid Thermophilic Digestion System. It is a breakthrough technology that processes organic waste (food, livestock, garden and municipal waste) into organic fertiliser in only 24 hours. The conventional method requires about three months to produce low-quality compost, whereas the end product from Biomax's technology is a high-quality organic fertiliser free from pathogens and offensive odours, which allows farmers to increase their profitability. This technology is not just a solution to the utilisation of organic waste – it also generates profits for the end-user.

This internationally-patented technology combines machine with a specially-formulated BM1 enzyme to ensure the thorough processing of organic matter the waste into nutrients and substances that are beneficial to the soil and plants. During processing, temperature inside the digestor is maintained at 70 to 80 degrees Celsius to activate the BM1, eliminating harmful bacteria that are normally present in organic waste. This ensures that the organic produced is safe for application, even for food crops. In addition, this technology is green and environmentally-friendly because it reduces the carbon footprint of end-users by preventing the emission of methane gas that would have been produced if the waste material generated is not processed quickly. Moreover, the processing neither attracts pests such as flies nor emits foul odours that could pose health hazards to the workers or community nearby.

The main advantages may be summed up in three words: speed, space and quality. Currently, there is no other known technology that can produce high-quality organic fertiliser from waste in just 24 hours. In terms of space, to process 15 tonnes of waste per day by conventional methods would require one hectare of land, but using Biomax technology, only 0.05 hectare is required, i.e. 20 times less space is needed. The short processing time coupled with an enclosed system minimise the loss of any nutrients from the raw materials, and the BM1 enzyme enriches the organic fertiliser and ensures that the nutrients are available to the plant and soil. As a result, high-quality organic fertiliser is produced, this quality is consistent because it is not dependent on the weather. Making high-quality organic fertiliser is crucial because it is the decisive factor in determining that the technology is economically feasible.

Biomax technology is designed to last at least 15 years in harsh environments and to process corrosive raw materials, thus the company does not compromise on the materials used and quality control during the production of the machines. Even though this technology requires a relatively high initial capital investment in the machine and the building of factory, the average return on investment period is less than two years. This is made possible mainly because of two factors: low production costs and a high selling price for the organic fertiliser produced. For example, Malaysia and Singapore, Biomax is able to sell its organic fertiliser at a price as high as four times more than the fertiliser made from traditional methods. After being processed by Biomax technology, the effectiveness of the organic fertiliser in restoring soil fertility and improving harvest yields is multiplied. This results in improved profitability for farmers, and their repeat purchases are the best testimony and endorsement of the technology.

Waste management is the responsibility of everyone who generates waste. Good waste management should be clean to the environment and safe to the community. Biomax technology provides not just that, but also an end product that will benefit the earth, as it is recycled back to nature as organic fertiliser.
For further information, visit the Biomax Technologies website at:


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If only the folks working at the small end of industry in developing countries like the people involved in could get their hands on one of those machines!
Oliver Sylvester-Bra, 2013-10-30
We are interested in purchasing 15 tonne model plant,we however would like to know the following;How easily can this mdel be up-graded to larger tonnage;Does it have the biogas recovery system;What will it cost to set up such plant in Namibia;What skills and levels are required to run such an enterprise
Johannes Toage Gawiseb, 2013-03-31
We are interested in purchasing your smaller system of 10 tonnes. Can you please liase the pricing structure, terms of payment asap. Furthermore can you please send me specifications as to the waste you are required to use for the machine. please mail me accordingly
gary vorster, 2013-04-18
We are interested in purchasing a small capacity model that available plant.please let us how big area that required to set up the plant.Much appreciated if the cost structure to make known
murugansuresh, 2013-06-11
can you help me on quotation cost to purchase a 10 tonne model,including shipment cost to Swaziland,instalation cost, techinical assistance cost,training cost for technisians and operators and service cos
yazile mkhwanazi, 2013-06-15
Hey guys I think that if you are serious about buying this product you should go to the website to ask for enquires and other things. Another thing is that this product prevents the production and emission of methane because it speeds up the process of decomposition
Raymond, 2013-06-26
It is good technology for India for the reasons of huge volumes of wastes to be converted with in 24 hrs.With Solar energy availability in rajasthan it will be much cheaper as well.Please send me more details to go ahead with project.hanks,K.K.GARG,M/S C & I Systems,Electronic Complex,Road No 1,I.P.I.A.KOTA-324005( Rajasthan )INDIA,www, Mob 91 98 290 38864,Tel 0744-2434994,2435443
K.K.GARG, 2013-12-02
This is a good project,please send detail of cost, installation process and terms of payment to me.tanx
Bimbo, 2014-02-25
what about the price of small one of your technology and how much i need to install this in bangladesh? thank you...

Md. Abdul Kader, 2016-03-29

Would like to know how much this machine cost. thank you
Ayodele Salako, 2014-08-02
We are interested in this machine. Please, we will like to have an idea on the machine tonnes and their prices in us dollars...
bamby, 2014-10-16
I have sent multiple emaiils to Biomax for information and pricing, I am located in New York
michael coletta, 2014-11-28
Good day, interesting product and project you have here. I would love to request a full brochure of your product and pro forma invoices in case of we want to import your systems to Nigeria. I would want any back ground study you have that I can include in my request to my government for this project.

Thank you

Henry Oni, 2015-01-20

I seek to be your agent .Would you please tell me more on the technology specifications and prices.
degu kibret, 2015-03-12
Hi!would be interested to know more about this plant and also pay a visit
Kimani Mbugua
Envirocare Company Ltd
Kimani Mbugua, 2015-03-18
muhammad saad, 2015-03-23
I am interested in purchasing a 10 tonne machine, and would like to know how much it costs.
Andrew Chataika, 2015-03-29
I would like to search this tecnology for my company.please connected me by this email or give the feedback.
Cao trong dung, 2015-04-02
This is Dr Richard Salunoka, International Corporate Affairs Manager for Lukoria General Dealers and Construction Company Here in Zambia. Our company would love to co-operate with your company and promote your business in the area of mining and drilling. I have attached our profile for your further consideration.

Please advise and looking forward to hear from you.

Richard Salunoka, 2016-04-20
I am from Dhaka , Bangladesh I am interested in purchasing such a plant in small scale. Could you please detailing about your plant and pricing C&F CTG.

Thanks and regards

Mahbobur Rahman khan
Bond(Bangladesh) Associate

Mahbobur Rahman khan, 2015-07-04

I need to buy power system 3-5 tonnes / hour. please send me the specs, these types of costs when the viet nam?
hoang long, 2015-10-02
KWABENA ADDAE, 2016-04-28
I am interested in purchasing 15 tonne model, however I would like to know can it be up graded to higher tonnage, the cost to set it up in Tanzania, does it have a big as recovery system, and what skills and levels are needed to run the enterprise
Joseph mandwa, 2016-01-24
Very wonderful tech!can I pls have the price of the 15 tonne?thank u
Mario Banda, 2016-02-25
Respected Sir

Iam a pharmacist, and would like to know more regarding utilisation of this technology for synthesis of important medicines


Mithun Mukherjee
Mithun Mukherjee, 2016-11-20



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