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Neil Humphreys Almost 200 years ago, an Englishman by the name of Sir Stamford Raffles landed
on the shores of Singapore and, the rest, shall we say, is history.

A decade ago, another Englishman came to Singapore and left behind a wholly different legacy. «Notes from an Even Smaller Island», «Scribbles from the Same Island» and «Final Notes from a Great Island» are three widely-acclaimed offerings
by Neil Humphreys detailing his own Singapore story of a man who came, saw
and fell in love with the tiny tropical nation.

Today, «Notes from an Even Smaller Island» is one of Singapore's best-selling books of the past decade and has travelled beyond the city-state's borders to Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and even the UK (although Neil's mum bought most of those copies).

The title of the book echoes «Notes from a Small Island», written by an American travel writer, Bill Bryson, who, in his signature caustic style, describes his life
as an American on the island of Great Britain.

Neil Humphreys, British by birth and no less sarcastic or insightful than Bryson in style, came to a tinier island and spent here 10 years scrutinizing Singapore's modus operandi. His «Notes» are a «thoroughly enjoyable read on the virtues
(or hazards) of living in Singapore through the eyes of a 6 foot 4 inch Briton whose style is so disarmingly honest,
you will laugh at the things you once considered the bane of existence», enthuses Singapore FHM.

103rd Meridian East plans to publish «Notes» in Russian translation only – a chapter in each issue. Those wishing to get a first-hand experience of Neil Humphreys' books are welcome to visit the author's web-site at or buy his works online. 

103rd Meridian East editorial board thanks Neil Humphreys for giving us this honourable opportunity of being the first to introduce his Toa Payoh aunties to Russian audiences, who are sure to find out more about everyday Singaporean life than most travel guides are able to offer.


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