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Facts and Figures



Local Production: 18,967 tonnes (2008)

Import from: Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, US

Singaporeans prefer locally grown vegetables, because of their freshness and quality. The most popular leafy vegetable here is kalian, unknown to Russian consumers. 

Types Tonnes (2008)
Non-leafy 152,954
Leafy 118,372



Local Production: 337.8 million
(numbers, rounded off)

Import from: Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, US

Singaporeans eat about one egg a day. The number of eggs produced locally a day is 900,000.



Local Production: none

Import from: Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, US, Indonesia

Rapidly frozen after slaughter at -30 °C, frozen meat retains quality for six months to a year. Laboratory testing of frozen meat is conducted upon its arrival in Singapore. Consignments that do not conform to AVA's food safety standards are destroyed. 

Types Tonnes (2008)
Chicken 165,287
Pork 93,260
Beef 28,848
Mutton 15,049
Duck 10,014



Local Production: 5,141 tonnes (2008)

Import from: Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand

Species such as sea bass, snapper, milkfish, oyster, crab, tilapia are farmed at Singapore's coastal fish farms. 

Types Tonnes (2008)
Fish 119,271
Prawn 16,263
Cuttlefish and Squid 8,476


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Razve opredelennuyu dolyu baraniny i govyadiny ne iz Avstralii zavodyat?
Alex, 2013-02-08
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