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In December 2001, China was awarded the right to host the 2010 World Expo a century after its initial bid. Having welcomed 242 countries and international organisations and expecting about 70 million visitors between May and October this year, Shanghai is hosting the largest World Expo in its illustrious 160-year-long history. Themed "Better City, Better Life", the Shanghai Expo is the first to focus on the issues of sustainable urban development.

A Microcosm of Mankind's Progress

The world expo is a global fair of ideas, designs and technologies gathered together in one location. The inaugural event took place in 1851 in London where manufactured products brought to life by the industrial revolution were displayed. Ever since, every world fair has been presenting mankind with life-changing inventions, such as the steam engine, electric lamps, telephone, cinematograph, television, cars, aircraft and spaceships. In addition, it has influenced the development of art and design, international trade and tourism.


The blue mascot is shaped after the Chinese character , meaning "people". It symbolizes a "people-oriented" spirit and tells the public that people are the foundation to build a better life


Its lacy white, gold and red exterior carries a resemblance to both Russian stone architecture and a futuristic movie set. Inside, visitors can see Russia's latest technological innovations and admire the unusual models of ideal cities based on children's pictures.


This granary-like structure is expected to be as lasting as London's Crystal Palace and Paris' Eiffel Tower. Its three interior halls showcase China's past, present and future.


Zero-chemical materials feature in the pavilion, as well as with the use of solar panels and wind power.

Republic of Korea

Its exterior is decorated with Hangeul and art pixels, delivering a message of communication and integration.


It integrates different design elements a music fountain, audio visual interplay and tropical flowers on the roof garden manifesting the harmony between cities and nature.

Saudi Arabia

This elevated, above-ground "moon boat", with neither doors nor windows, promotes energy efficiency by utilising solar and wind power.


The concept of environment protection is expressed through colourful "Piggy Banks", which stand for positive urban themes, such as "For Fresh Air" and "For Green Parks".


This structure's exterior looks like a hand-woven basket supported by a steel frame. About 9,000 wicker boards of different colours were used to piece together Chinese characters to present a Chinese poem.

Japanese Woman Visits All Pavilions

Yamada Tomiyo, 61, finished visiting all the 373 exhibition halls and pavilions just 38 days after the Expo began, reports China Daily. She said she will begin her visits all over again, as she has much more to learn. Tomiyo is going to wear a kimono while visiting the Japan Pavilion, which will be her first stop in her new round of visits.



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