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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief


Russia's Renaissance

Last summer, I travelled around Russia, from its northwest to its east, covering 14 cities and towns in total. I rejoiced at the sight of new hotels and modern housing estates being built in its regional capitals, ousting the drab and dull urban uniformity of Soviet town planning with an almost European gloss. In the process, however, the uniqueness of each place is being preserved for future generations and present-day visitors. Such is the physical revival of Russia.

Local guides were yet another surprise. Their level of professionalism and genuine pride in their native cities and regions were outstanding. If 10 years ago many of them considered migrating overseas in search of greener pastures, today they have brushed this idea aside and are zealously transforming their native land into a better place in which to live. Such is the patriotic revival of Russia.

On many occasions, I received souvenirs and gifts from my hosts. A Siberian guide, knowing that we’d have to spend some time in thick forest, called taiga, brought along some snacks for my son and brand-new socks for both of us, in case we wet our feet. Such is the revival of the Russian character, which in known for its hospitality.

Some may say that these guides wished nothing else but to please me as their client. Well, so what? Even if this was their ulterior motive, it only goes to show that Russian entrepreneurs have finally acquired the basics of running a successful business – a satisfied customer is a repeat customer – and that travelling around Russia today has become a pleasant experience, in stark contrast to the uneasiness of the gloomy 1990s.

Russia is healing. Russia has changed. Russia is worth visiting.

Kind regards,
Julia Sherstyuk


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